Strengthen With Yoni Eggs

Come to us for pelvic floor physical therapy in Shreveport, LA

Interested in strengthening your pelvic floor? SOW & REAP Physical Therapy offers plenty of options for you to use based on your comfort. One method of pelvic floor physical therapy involves training with yoni eggs.

Yoni eggs are egg-shaped crystals used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Women may choose from a long list of stones depending on the results they're trying to achieve. We sell eggs and provide one-on-one consultations to teach you how to use them.

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Get the guidance and instruction you need

Not sure how to use yoni eggs? Don't panic. We can guide you through the process to make sure you understand how yoni eggs work and what they can do for your body. We can meet with you in-person, over the phone or over the computer to walk you through the use and care of a yoni egg.

Yoni eggs have been used to:

  • Strengthening of pelvic floor
  • Improve body awareness
  • Assist with core strengthening